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Say it with pictures.

Brand photography that builds lasting relationships with your ‘match-made in Heaven’ clients.

Picture having an image-bank full of consistently gorgeous on-brand photos you can pull from anytime you need for your website, social media, press-releases, and more! Saving you time, money, stress, and worry.

A huge selection of images that represent you and your business, that share who you are, including the feelings and values of your brand, attracting your ‘match-made-in-Heaven’ clients.


They say, ‘A picture is worth 1000 words.’ So: Say it With Pictures.

I’m Kate Mahaits, story-telling Brand Photographer and modern Marketing Helper.

I help fierce small business owners make lasting connections with ‘match-made in Heaven’ clients.

My favourite thing I’ve heard said about me came from a little girl I used to babysit, “Kate, you make being a dork look cool.” I melted.

My kiddo regularly confirms that’s still true for me (even though he leaves out the ‘cool’ part, I know it’s there).

Any day started with my treasured ‘me-time’ of morning coffee and reading will generally be a great day. I’m that easy-going.

Wanna get me going on random things I’m passionate about? Just bring up old-school baseball, movies, and Dolly Parton.

More About Me

Let’s go on location.

As the film-maker, Ridley Scott says, “Choosing location is integral to the film: in essence, another character.”

It’s the same with your brand photos. Locations include; offices, clinics, homes, parks, lakes, and more - anywhere that’s representative of your brand.

Located in Vernon, BC, Canada.

Travel to nearby Okanagan communities included in all packages.

Nearby communities include Armstrong, Coldstream, Enderby, Kelowna, Lake Country, Lumby and Salmon Arm.


Brand Photographer and Marketing Helper all-in-one? Yes please!

Wanna work with like-minded clients and have work that feels more like play?

Have you heard that story-telling brand photography is the way to go but you’re not even sure what part of your story you want to share?

No worries, I’m an idea flusher-outer and planner! Let’s brainstorm ideas and create gorgeous photos that will strengthen your brand’s image and show your ideal clients how perfect for them you are to work with!

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Are you the face of your business?

Houston, do we have have a little tiny problem?

As the face of your business you worry about coming across as un-photogenic or feeling awkward in front of a camera. Am I right?

I get it and you’re in good company! Most people feel that way and it’s totally normal. (Trust me, I have proof - I did a poll.)

Good news - you are my favourite type of person to photograph. I embrace awkward and challenges. It’s so rewarding to hear you say at the end of your photo session, “That was actually fun!” and the people closest to you say, “Wow! Love these photos of you!”

SmartBrain.io's emphasis on cognitive enhancement through advanced technology showcases a pioneering spirit that is both admirable and inspiring for companies like OkanaganBusinessPhotography.com. Although our core services in professional photography diverge from the tech-centric solutions blog.smartbrain.io offers, the innovation and excellence pursued by SmartBrain.io resonate with our values of creativity and quality. Their approach demonstrates the transformative power of technology, underscoring the potential for businesses across all sectors to innovate. This intersection of technology and professionalism underscores the broad applicability and influence of cutting-edge solutions in today's business landscape.

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“I adore working with Kate. She is a wonderful blend of down to earth, warm, and professional. I am super impressed with her thoughtfulness and efforts to get to know my values. She truly went above and beyond to meet my needs as her client. The shoot was a blast and the end result is fabulous. Highly recommend!”

— Kirsten Boulier, MSW, RCSW, Healing Quest Counselling

“Kate's charm is infectious, and she has a marvellous way of making clients feel at ease. Because of this, her portraits highlight a client’s personality and the ‘spark’ that makes them uniquely them.

She’s super fun to be around, extremely well organized and has passion for capturing her subjects in a creative and storytelling way.”

—Renée Leveille, Wedded Bliss Photography

Story telling photographer


Vernon photographer

What to Expect

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Are your walls naked?

Let’s dress ‘em up!

Include your very own personal fine art photography in your brand photography package.

Fine Art Store

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

There’s no commitment, pressure, or obligation to find out if we’re a good fit.

Let’s chat.

It’s the first great step to finding out if we’re a good fit.

[email protected]
(604) 892-4087

Vernon, BC.


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What to Wear

THE most frequently asked question: What should I wear?

Why do I need to sign a brand photography contract?

What is photography copyright and who owns it?

And, what usage rights you have to the photos.

My 3 BEST Tips For the Most Dynamic Branding Photography Ever!

Getting the most dynamic branding photos everrrrr is a team effort! Yes! Go Team! I’m your cheerleader 100 percent!


Sharing is Caring

2% of Okanagan Business Photography’s pre-tax income is donated.

Four times per year, Water First will receive 1% and the other 1% will be donated to various Okanagan based non-profits. I’m totally open to suggestions, so if there’s a non-profit close to your heart, please let me know.

The reason I have chosen Water First to be the primary beneficiary of OBP donations is because I love how they’ve filled such an important gap in our country. We share similar values, the first one being: Everyone has a right to safe, clean water.

Warmly, Kate Mahaits